Staying Sober during the Holidays

A Few Tips from Kingman Intergroup

Everyone of us alcoholics has at least one story of us ruining a holiday party, dinner, or occasion by getting drunk. We can be abusive, obnoxious, insulting, or any number of other adjectives when intoxicated. We might even have several stories of arrests or being asked to leave events because of our using. Yet, this is a time when a lot of folks actually think about picking up a drink again! Somehow that little itty bitty shity committee in our brain forgets what it is really like!

If you are an alcoholic, chances are you been asked or been forced to spend the holidays alone because of your drinking. So why are you thinking of picking up that first one? Here are the things you can do to help get you through the holidays sober:

  • If you have to pick up, pick up the phone! Call your sponsor or any other person in recovery.
  • Instead of driving to a bar, drive to the closest club or meeting. Just drive to the meeting first. Promise yourself that now.
  • Think the drink through. What happens after that first one? Then the second, then the third? How does this progress and what will you feel like in the morning?
  • Buddy up. Don't go to any celebration this season without another sober alcoholic with you. Make this your personal rule--even for family gatherings.
  • Volunteer to chair at least one (if not more) of the marathon meetings for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year's eve. Make it a very unpopular time when few others will volunteer--say for the 3am meeting. This is service work and this will help keep you sober.
  • Commit to a meeting a day (virtual, phone, or in person) from Dec 1 through Jan 2--and DO IT! No slacking or stupid excuses.
  • If you are still reading this, that means you are pretty serious about staying sober through the holidays. Keep up the good work!

Area Information

Below is the Kingman and surrounding area meeting list and contact information. We also include local agencies that may help alcoholics because we believe in cooperating with any organization or professional that will help the still suffering alcoholic.

"More and more, we regard all who labor in the total field of alcoholism as our companions on a march from darkness into light. We see that we can accomplish together what we could never accomplish in separation and in rivalry." ~Bill W. Grapevine reprint (P-34 - Let's Be Friendly With Our Friends)
Putting contact information here does not in any way mean that we endorse that agency, only that we practice the "Let's be friendly with our friends" principle as given to us by Bill W.

    In addition to face to face meetings, Kingman also offers phone and remote meetings. Click below for our list in PDF format.
    Our phone meetings have proved very popular so will continue. Please visit our phone meeting page for access and schedule. Click below for our
    Meetings begin at 9 in the morning and continue to the evening hours. Usually there is someone there between meetings, but not always.
    2170 E. Northern Ave
    Kingman, Arizona
    For the groups that pay rent at Northern Lights, we have a new contact and address to send your rent in.
    c/o V. HAYNES
    3184 ISADOR AVE.
    KINGMAN, AZ 86401
    603 Marina Blvd, Bullhead City, AZ 86442
    Call 928-763-4499
  • KINGMAN REGIONAL Medical Center Support Groups KRMC meetings are open once again! Please download their flyer here. Masks are optional.

Service Meetings

Service (12th Step Work) is the cornerstone of our recovery. We invite you to choose from the options below to contribute to carrying the message for the still suffering alcoholic. Your experience, strength, and hope is needed and appreciated.

  • Intergroup/Central Office
    Presently, Intergroup is taking care of the functions of a Central Office. Should you need any literature, please contact Intergroup by calling or filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Kingman Intergroup meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7pm following the 5:30 meeting.
    Location: 2170 Northern Avenue, Suite A
    For Intergroup business use this address: Kingman Intergroup
    P.O. Box 3991
    Kingman, AZ 86402
  • Steering Committee
    The Steering committee meets the 1st Wednesday of each month @ 7pm after the 5:30 meeting. Location: 2170 Northern Avenue, Suite A
  • GEO Prison Meeting
    Meetings are being held the FIRST SATURDAY of each month at 9:00 AM.
    Prior clearance is required to attend. This process may take a long time!
    Contact the Prison HR (928) 565-2460. AA liaison is Ken (928) 757-1895

    NOTE: Mohave County Jail-Men
    Suspended due to employee shortage at the jail.
  • GSR Meeting District 09-901
    Calling out all Kingman area GSRs! Please join us the THIRD WEDNESDAY of every month @ 7:00 PM at Northern Lights Meeting Hall. ANYONE who holds a position with meetings should attend; GSRs, Group Chairs, Group Treasurers, Meeting Chairpersons. Let’s get our group representation back! Is it your turn to serve? We are currently in need of a secretary! Important votes happen each month so get involved!

Fellowship Highlights

Come join us as we trudge the road of happy destiny.

Marathon meetings for christmas


Northern Lights will be open all night
2170 Northern Ave., Kingman, AZ
After the 5:30 pm meeting on the 24th GIVE YOUR GIFT OF SOBRIETY by volunteering to lead a meeting. You get extra points for any meeting after midnight!  

!2 Step Work Means getting involved in service


12 Step work includes getting involved in service work! Intergroup needs a new co-chair. Entertainment chair is also up for election in December. It’s time to get involved!
Intergroup meeting Dec. 13 at 7pm
Northern Lights Hall

Meetings closing, low attendence


DUE TO LACK OF ATTENDANCE. It happens and we are sorry to see them go, but others are opening. When one door closes, another always opens. These are the meetings we are losing:
You may want to download a new meeting guide.

Christmas at Kingman Intergroup

No plans for Christmas Day?

Kingman Intergroup invites you to a Potluck Feast!!
Monday Dec. 25 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm at Northern Lights
Turkey, ham, sodas, water and coffee provided
Please bring a side dish, dessert if possible. A sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board.
It’s a family event so bring your children!  

34th Annual River Roundup

34th Annual River Roundup

January 4-6, 2024. We're doing it again at Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino. Come for the convention fun and fellowship that has continued for so many years of sobriety!

  • AA Marathon Meetings
  • Al-Anon Marathon Meetings
  • Richard with Comedian (included with admission purchase)
  • Friday All American Buffet $42
  • Golf $75 – (Registration required; lunch included with $75) Laughlin Ranch Golf Club, 1360 William Hardy Dr., Bullhead City, AZ 86429
  • Bingo $11 & Bowling $20