Kingman Intergroup

Welcome to Kingman AA in Area 03

Intergroup meets the second Wednesday of every month at 212 1st Street just N. of Beale St. in Kingman. The meeting begins at 6:45pm right after the 5:30 meeting ends. All are welcome and we want your input and participation. We discuss area activities, how we can support groups, help local hospitals and institutions, and work on getting out information to our groups. Please consider joining us and being of service to Area 3.

Area Information and Local Meetings

Below is the Kingman and surrounding area meeting list and the contact information for Intergroup committees. We also include local agencies that may help alcoholics because we believe in cooperating with any organization or professional that will help the still suffering alcoholic.

"More and more, we regard all who labor in the total field of alcoholism as our companions on a march from darkness into light. We see that we can accomplish together what we could never accomplish in separation and in rivalry." ~Bill W. Grapevine reprint (P-34 - Let's Be Friendly With Our Friends)
Putting contact information here does not in any way mean that we endorse that agency, only that we practice the "Let's be friendly with our friends" principle as given to us by Bill W.

NOTE: Presently, Intergroup is taking care of the functions of a Central Office and using 212 1st Street for meetings. Should you need any literature, please contact Intergroup by calling or filling out the form below.

Fellowship Highlights

Come join us as we trudge the road of happy destiny.

Marathon Meetings for the Holidays

Intergroup is sponsoring around-the-clock meetings begining at 7pm on Christmas Eve to the next morning. The same for New Years. Please volunteer to lead a meeting in one of these 12 hour periods--expecially from 1 to 5 in the morning. You pick the format for the meeting you lead. Have a favorite format for a meeting? Now is the time to introduce it to fellow members in the program. Sign up sheet at 212 1st Street. This is a great way to do service work and we need you.

AA Club Closed

Serenity Club has Closed its Doors

Sad news. The Golden Valley Club is no longer operating. No club and no AA meetings. Please make a note of it (it hasn't been changed on the meeting schedule yet). However, the Mohave Group in Golden Valley is still going strong. They meet Mon., 7 pm, Landowners Bldg., corner of Verde & Hwy. 68.

Mayflower Hotel phone

Please Volunteer for the A.A.
answering service in Kingman

This is a great way to give back! How it works. You make a commitment to be a hotline volunteer for 3 to 6 months. when our "Pass it On" number rings, it rings simultaneously on all volunteer phones. The first person to answer takes the call. When you answer the phone, follow the our guidelines which is given to you when you are put on the list. That's it! Think about volunteering as soon as you have 6 months or more sober.

Thinking about coming to a meeting? Watch this.